Pastor Roo & LadyRoo: About Us

Born Darrin Williams in a little town called Alton ,IL.(outside of St.louis) Slugger Roo had many hardships growing up. Being the first born of young parents who were just trying to find there way, Slugger Roo found himself moving back and forth to California and Illinois.

As a young deacon in church when he was about 10 he could read the Bible as good as an elder person, but by the age of 12 things changed he got into gangs. He became a Vice Lord at the tender age of 12. Now from multiple moves from state to state Slugger Roo was becoming a man. He wanted to take charge of his own life. From bad decision after another it left in a world of trouble.

On Dec 14th ,2003 he committed his life to God and that was his best choice ever! So since then he has been tested in many areas in life from marriage,employment,church and prior management. The Lord has allowed Slugger Roo to overcome all those stumblingblocks.

In Sept. of 2006 he started SLUGGER ROO,LLC. his own company. In which it will be in the fields of entertainment ,films ,modeling,and also a clothing line in late 07' (so get ready for that).

To introduce to SRE to the world the Lord has appointed Slugger Roo to be the first artist on the label to spearhead this company as well as it partakes as ministry. In 07' and beyond you will see SRE and Slugger Roo doing God's work in the world. God Bless You!

LadyRoo (Michelle Crisp Williams) - CEO/Manager/Artist

My name is Michelle Crisp oldest of five I was raised by my grandmother my father was killed when I was five. Thats when my mother got strung out on drugs and going back and forth to jail. So three of us where raised with my grandmother ,one of my siblings went with his father's side of the family and the other to foster home. I had my first child when I was sixteen moved out on my own when I was 18 with a second child.

At the age of 22 i started to sell drugs because I was not going to use my body to get money. The people in my family was on drugs so that's how it began selling to my family then the word got around. "China Doll" was a name that some called me on the streets but my nick name was "Cook or "Cookie". I got away with selling drugs because I was female and people didn't even think that I was doing that. I had people working for me they were my "runners" I never made hand to hand deals but only to my family members. When I was 25 I moved out the hood and got a job because they were locking up people for selling drugs and I didn't want to do that anymore because my kids and I didn't want them to go through what I went through as child.

In the process my brother had got into some trouble so I knew that this isn't the life for me. I got saved in 2002 and my children and I got baptised. I was changing and my kids started to notice my daughter had even came late to get baptised with us she caught the bus at first she didn't want to go but before the service was over they ask did anyone else want to get baptised it was my oldest daughter . I have three children two girls and boy.

So in 2003 my mother was released from prison on fire for Jesus and also in the process I met a young man by the name of Slugger Roo. At the time he was not saved nor did he attend any church we met at work he would give me rides to work. He met my mom and he would drop us off at church some times but one day he came in and that night he got saved Dec 14th 2003. We got married the following year. Our lives where so much similar even our grandmothers names are the same exactly "Betty Jean Williams" So from there we have been in the ministry using our testimony to let people know that God is real if he can save a gangmember/drugdealer make a single mother into a wife plus fill them with the Holy Ghost God can do it for anybody.

Now people call me "LadyRoo" and now instead of selling drugs I offer Jesus and shine my light to the women that we can make it. I have been spreading the Gospel with my husband since the beginning of his ministry it wasn't easy but "We made it". We have a marriage song on Slugger Roo's sophomore album entitled "For All" it's a marriage song letting people know through it all you can make it and we have been blessed to be on National T.V. Radio and Newspapers proclaiming the name of Jesus.

I am also the Host of "Did you go to Church Today?" on youtube this show is to fellowship through social networks and to be examples in everything we do. To God be the Glory.